A short film about making vegetable art.

Nancy Talcott, a talented friend of ours who works in New York and Japan (and knows that we love to cook), asked us to test some beautiful kitchen gear. KAI, the Japanese knife maker, and French chef Michel Bras teamed up to get chefs and non-chefs (like us) to use the knives and post a simple photo or video on Facebook. We took the opportunity to work with our favorite collaborator, sculptor Jason Loik. Much vegetable chopping and slicing ensued.  The knives worked well for shaping animals and characters from vegetables. To make some of the amazing shapes and long, curly strips we used the super-sharp mandolin and peeler. The folks at Elias Music Library helped us with two just-right-for-film music compositions by Jim Perkins.

Scuplture by Jason Loik
Cookware provided by Michel BRAS Cookware

Producer: Cary Wolinsky
Director/Editor: Yari Wolinsky
Production Designer: Babs Wolinsky
Music courtesy of Elias Music Library