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It all started when...

Benedetta Vitali asked her friend Michael Melford for a recommendation of a photographer who could make beautiful images of all the people—farmers, bakers, butchers, vintners, fishermen—and places—markets, cafes, olive groves—that supported her view of cooking. He recommended Cary and when 10 Speed Press accepted her proposal, we were off to Florence and Tuscany for two months—two months of fabulous food and wonderful people.

10 Speed Press also accepted Babs as the designer of the book.  In 2002, Soffritto was nominated for a James Beard Foundation Book Award.

Benedetta Vitali is a chef who has lived and worked all her life in Florence, Italy. In 1979, fresh out of university, she and Fabio Picchi founded the restaurant Cibero, with the purpose of offering their fellow Florentines a connection to a traditional Tuscan cooking style that was neglected in the postwar trend of prepackaged and convenience foods. In 1999, Ms. Vitali opened a new restaurant of her own, the trattoria Zibibbo, emphasizing fresh produce from nearby small farms and gardens.