A series of short films about pets and their people

Pet Conversations was an idea that grew over many years.  We recognized that many of the people we have met loved to talk about their pets, maybe more than any other topic.  Sometimes these stories were funny, sometimes sad, but very often they revealed interesting aspects about a person that had been always hidden before.  Pet Conversations is an attempt to capture these stories and share the people and the pets that love them.
  We interviewed friends and acquaintances, digging for stories without too much thought for how the films would be put together.  Our first subject was Rick Brown, who told us about many different pets, but we were immediately caught by his deep love for a dog named Pago.  These stories, as well as a wonderful set of photos of Pago, became the basis for the episodes "Chicken Eater" and "Chicken Eater II".


We interviewed Olga Emmel, who grew up during the Depression in a Pennsylvania coal-mining town. For her childhood story about two squirrels, we adapted footage from several old public domain films from that time period.  And yes, "Squeak the Squirrel" is a squirrel, not a chipmunk.
    We have more great stories about dogs, canaries, and skunks from Robert Kroin, Jonathan Sachs, Debbie Malloch, Laura Brown, and others.



A film series by Cary & Yari Wolinsky

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