Click picture to see article     —     Photographs copyright 2014 Cary Wolinsky, Trillium Studios

Click picture to see article     —     Photographs copyright 2014 Cary Wolinsky, Trillium Studios

A story about a blind dog

Mary K. Baumann, the Creative Director of American Craft magazine needed a portrait of sculptor Katherine Glover in a month. That seemed like plenty of time to meet the artist, get to know her work and scout the location before the shoot. Mary K, also needed some, “secondary images of Katherine around her studio or interesting tableaux of her working environment.”

On the phone, Katherine explained that she was waiting for a special handmade paper to arrive from India…by sea. The shipment might not arrive until just before the magazine’s deadline and she had nothing in her studio. Katherine creates new work when commissioned. She is booked out years in advance.

It was true. Her home was beautiful and uncluttered making it easy for Chui, her small, blind dog to navigate. Katherine had only a few small art pieces of her own and her cozy studio might have been a room set up for a game of Bridge.  

The paper didn’t arrive and Mary K extended the deadline by a few days. 

When the large, heavy paper sheets finally did arrive, Katherine and her assistant still had to carefully tear it into strips and begin the slow process of gluing to a surface. We were hard against deadline and the piece was far from being finished.

We decided to move all the furniture in the living room to create a “big” horizontal space for movement and a background for type on the page layout. It looks promising but Chui wasn’t so sure. Navigating a new environment full of photo gear hadn’t been part of Chui’s plans for that day.

Chui patiently sat and waited for things to go back to the way the had been and provided the perfect companion for Katherine who held her “work-just barely-in-progress.”

That was the first of several collaborations with American Craft—

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