Churches and Kraków

Before leaving Zamość, we said goodbye to our fabulous fixer Ivo and welcomed Wiktoria Michałkiewicz, who would help us through the end of the trip.  Right away, we hopped in a car and headed west toward Kraków.  There aren’t too many highways on the east side of Poland, so we ended up taking a beautiful ride through the Polish countryside.  Before heading into the city, we were meeting up with the Rick, Laura, and the outgoing group of students in the little town of Lipnica Murowana.

In Lipnica Murowana is the 16th century Church of Saint Leonard, one of the six surviving wooden churches of southern Poland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The Browns had visited here before while doing research on Gwoździec, and carefully studied the interior wall paintings.

They pointed out for us the difference between Christan and Jews painting styles.  While the paintings of Gwoździec are iconographic and abstract, the Christians tell stories from the Bible and the life of Jesus.  There is also a stronger use of perspective to create depth.
We took a few final shots of the exterior of Lipnica Murowana and headed back north to Kraków, to stay in the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz.

The next day, we and the students took a morning trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.  The camp did not allow us to film the students’ tour, so we took the opportunity to visit and for personal reflection.
The final event of our stay in Kraków was the goodbye party for the outgoing students.  Rick and Laura had arranged for dinner at the Ariel Restaurant.

This time we had the pleasure of a klezmer performance by Di Galitzyaner Klezmorim.  It was a wonderful way to end the workshop - with great food and music, smiles, and goodbyes.
Oh, and if you’re ever in Kraków and eating at Ariel, get the potato latkes.
Next, we were off to Wrocław.