An animation inspired by a book inspired by a photograph

Well yes, it is an art book, but it really is a grand collaboration. Let’s see if we can sort out all the players quickly:

TRIIIBE is an art collective started by Alicia, Kelly, and Sara Casilio (identical triplets) and Cary Wolinsky.
Daniel Kelm is one of the world’s great bookbinders.
Rick Kyle calls himself a “retoucher”, but we think of him as the go-to person when you need a Photoshop artist.
Bob Korn is a master printer on Cape Cod.

And there is us, Trillium Studios–and in this case it is our core group: Babs Wolinsky on design, Cary Wolinsky on still camera, and Yari Wolinsky on video.

It started with a photograph by TRIIIBE called “Fine.”  “Fine.”  Say it flat and hard, passive-aggressively as if you are going to go along with something that you don’t really agree with. TRIIIBE created it to be part of a series. Each new picture would “evolve” from the previous with the subjects gradually disappearing into the background.

That idea turned into a book. The book inspired an animation. We will let the images and video fill in the rest.

Book Design: TRIIIBE
Animated Film: Yari Wolinsky

Photography: Cary Wolinsky
Graphic Design: Babs Wolinsky
Photo Compositing: Rick Kyle, 5000K
Printer: Bob Korn, Bob Korn Imaging
Bookbinder: Daniel Kelm, Leah Purcell, Wide Awake Garage
Hair and Makeup: Rae Bertellotti